Storytelling is a fun new way to connect people. More and more people want to do something together and have thereby been told to find a story from the experience. Just not fast news through traditional and social media but floor with a personal touch. And that is exactly what The Story Makers. Read inspiring stories written by amateur writers and find good stories in your area. For example, you read a brief detective written by six ladies from Haarlem and the inspiring story of the WeCook, preparing exotic dishes for eldery people.
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De verhalenmakers

Storytelling is een leuke nieuwe manier om mensen te verbinden. Steeds meer mensen willen samen iets maken en zijn daarbij op zoek naar een verhaal verteld vanuit een ervaring. Even geen snel nieuws via traditionele en sociale media maar verdieping met een persoonlijk tintje. En dat is precies wat De Verhalenmakers doen. Lees inspirerende verhalen geschreven door amateurschrijvers en vind mooie verhalen bij jou in de buurt. Zo lees je bijvoorbeeld een korte detective geschreven door 6 dames uit Haarlem en lees je het inspirerende verhaal van de dames van WeCook. Continue reading

Jouw Verhaal - De Verhalenmakers
Kim Nooij Mapping Day Event

Mapping Day

Mapping Day Uganda is a fast growing project organizing mapping events, implementing trainings, generating awareness about the importance of maps, actively pledging for getting open data sets and building a network of enthusiastic mappers in Uganda.
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Kim Nooij Devtrac Homepage


This real time reporting tool on public services in Uganda has been developed by Mountbatten and commissioned by UNICEF. The website is based on Drupal and displays a wide range of public services and their behavior on a map. The aim is to visualize the efforts of development work and to support transparency in the benefit of Uganda’s citizens.
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Kim Nooij World Citizens Panel Team Work

World Citizens Panel

The World Citizens Panel is an initiative of Oxfam Novib, Butterfly Works and partners in several countries around the world. The World Citizens Panel allows for monitoring and evaluation of projects by Oxfam Novib in Uganda. Continue reading