Storytelling is a fun new way to connect people. More and more people want to do something together and have thereby been told to find a story from the experience. Just not fast news through traditional and social media but floor with a personal touch. And that is exactly what The Story Makers. Read inspiring stories written by amateur writers and find good stories in your area. For example, you read a brief detective written by six ladies from Haarlem and the inspiring story of the WeCook, preparing exotic dishes for eldery people.

The Story Makers
A social enterprise with the aim to facilitate online writing together. Through the website you can write a story, invite friends to contribute and publish the whole. We come, thereby meeting a necessity to establish collective ervaringen and simultaneously create social worth (connection and involvement) through to do together. In addition, his stories a good shape to transfer knowledge and thus bring a specific theme, project or activity under the spotlight.

Make your own stories
Want to make a great story about your charity, social enterprise or foundation? You can use this for publicity or to involve volunteers, colleagues or clients. Start immediately

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