Storytelling is a fun new way to connect people. More and more people want to do something together and have thereby been told to find a story from the experience. Just not fast news through traditional and social media but floor with a personal touch. And that is exactly what The Story Makers. Read inspiring stories written by amateur writers and find good stories in your area. For example, you read a brief detective written by six ladies from Haarlem and the inspiring story of the WeCook, preparing exotic dishes for eldery people.
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De verhalenmakers

Storytelling is een leuke nieuwe manier om mensen te verbinden. Steeds meer mensen willen samen iets maken en zijn daarbij op zoek naar een verhaal verteld vanuit een ervaring. Even geen snel nieuws via traditionele en sociale media maar verdieping met een persoonlijk tintje. En dat is precies wat De Verhalenmakers doen. Lees inspirerende verhalen geschreven door amateurschrijvers en vind mooie verhalen bij jou in de buurt. Zo lees je bijvoorbeeld een korte detective geschreven door 6 dames uit Haarlem en lees je het inspirerende verhaal van de dames van WeCook. Continue reading

Jouw Verhaal - De Verhalenmakers
Kim Nooij Tech Support

How technology can contribute to personal growth

Silently he sits next to his best friend in the upper lecture hall of the three-storey university building in Tamale. The friend with a laptop. Himself with pen and paper. WordPress is noted with the absorbing power of eagerness. WordPress. A widely used content management system that lets you to create a website easy and quick. <! – More ->

Matthew comes from Nandom, a small town in the North West of Ghana. After receiving his high school diploma, he moved to Tamale, the capital of the northern region and was admitted to the Polytechnic. The only place in Tamale for affordable higher education. His interest in computers and technology did Matthew decide, in addition to his training, to become a member of Tech Support Ghana.

Tech Support Ghana is a community active in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and creates jobs through a combination of practical training and involvement of businesses. This answer to the harrowing gap between unemployed youth and the needs of local businesses in information and communication technology skilled personnel and related services arose more than one and a half years ago out of a unique gathering between Kenedy Kubuga (Bold Tech), The International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD) and myself.

Create local opportunities

High unemployment, particularly among youth creates a pressing social and economic challenge. At least 25% of young people are unemployed and the Ghanaian education system is inefficient and fails to prepare young people to succeed in the job market. Since Accra has more options, unemployment leads to tension between the north and south of Ghana. There is economic migration and the likelihood of criminal activity increases when there is a lack of income and the feeling of being excluded from the job market.

The young generation fortunately has a lot of positive energy. Humour, hope and a yearn for a better future is the reason why these young boys and girls come together. It is a powerful movement with the potential to shape their own lives independently.

Tech Support as the alternative

Tech Support therefore began in 2013 with just an extension cord, a projector and an informal atmosphere with a practical training. A training linked to real jobs to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical skills and local capacity building in order to prevent the loss of jobs and economic migration. It is an alternative to expensive and theoretical education in Tamale and at the same time a reliable network of junior and senior technicians is established.


In no time the group grew from 12 personally recruited and enlisted young people up to 30 members and within 8 weeks 3 sites, fully developed returned to the customers. The euphoria was immense and confidence in their own abilities, spontaneously grew new initiatives. There were 7 personal websites being realized, guest lectures held, events organized, friends invited and a logo, website and Facebook page being set up. Just before the close of 2013, the development of a school management system, a major project by the International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD), was awarded to Tech Support.


In 2014, the course offerings greatly expanded and together with (local) partners Tech Support worked hard to develop the School Management System and to implement the system in four schools in the northern region of Ghana. In 2015, the system will be installed in 21 schools and Tech Support will be working together with Butterfly Works and Bibir Ghana to establish the seventh BITS Digital Design School, the first one in West Africa!

“Through Tech Support, I have gained a lot of knowledge from others and I learned how I can create a website with WordPress within a few weeks time. I do it because it can help me in setting up my own company or accomplish a client assignment and I believe Tech Support can positively change my life. “


Tech Support’s approach combines the Ghanaian way of living together (sharing is caring) with the weight of local ownership and pro activeness so that all members can contribute to the development of the group and take advantage of self-made employment through practical, on-the-job training. It is an honest, bottom-up and on reality-based initiative, promoting economic development inland.

And Matthew?

Matthew wrote everything down and built, using a computer in an Internet café, his own website within several weeks. He managed to get this website working on the laptop of his best friend and got to present it at an official ceremony to the public. Matthew participated in several courses that provided him with technical and teaching skills and connected him with like-minded colleagues.

At present, Matthew is one of the familiar faces of Tech Support. It is because of his commitment and dedication that made him an inspiring trainer for new members and allowed for him to participate in commercial contracts that helps financing his last year at the Polytechnic.

Logo Future Forward Challenge

Multi-lingual WordPress Webshop

The installation center Draaijer Engineering is an online store where heat loss calculations can be requested. A nice on the field of engineering with a high demand. The website combines webshop functionality, additional fields on the order form and is offered in several languages. Continue reading

Tech Support Ghana

An open community active in the field of Free Open Source Software and Information and Communication Technology. Via vocational training and active involvement of Small to Medium Enterprises members obtain practical skills, knowledge and get access to job opportunities.
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Rooftops are my favourite

It happens quite often that I call my friend while standing on top of a roof. She is seriously concerned about this apparent weird crave for geographical analysis but so far we have always managed these situations. Seeing a city from above gives such an amazing sense of understanding it’s structure. You see the context you are in and you get a slight idea of how you relate to all the down chaos. And the best part: it puts you in the middle of it all. Or even better, above everything else. You have a visual summary of the reality, you are in control.
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Kim Nooij WoD How it Works

World of Difference – Mobile Health Care

In 2013 the World of Difference program, founded by the Dutch Vodafone Foundation, enabled four young professionals to work for one year on a health project in Ghana. This project is a cooperation between Vodafone Netherlands, the Dutch NGOs dance4life, IICD and the Ghanaian NGO ACDEP.
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