Carrying things on your head is not the only way to sell!

It is the mindset!

It is the Mindset

Two young men selling sunglasses from a self made cardboard plateau

Richard puts a big bottle of green liquid on the table. “Here, you see this?” he asks. “A young boy produces his own liquid soap and wants to start selling it.”

Before I know it I find myself behind the office building, washing my hands, whereby the water is carefully poured by Richmond, the owner of Soft Productions Africa, an ICT company in Accra.

“Can you feel the soap being soft and soapy?” Richard laughs. “It is good right?” This is exactly why people come to Soft Productions Africa. They can get practical training in marketing and design and obtain skills to represent themselves more effectively and, at the end of the day, sell more products.

Green liquid soap in a bottle

The bottle with the green liquid soap on top of the current advertisement efforts done by the owner of the soap.

Youngsters joining the program sign up and note down their level of experience. Every Wednesday they come in and get vocational training relating to their field of interest. So far Soft Productions Africa has 8 members already and everyone got assignments to work on varying from making compliment cards to graphic design jobs and from video shooting to software development.

“The jobs are there and the youth is ready, we only need initiatives like these to prepare them for this demand by providing practical training.”

Richard also known as Smart studies at the University for Development Studies upcountry, has his share in Soft Productions Africa and is Google Ambassador trying to increase access to information amongst his fellow students.

According to Richard it is all about the mindset.

“People think that carrying things on your head is the only way to sell products but there are alternatives.”

Soft Productions Africa is one of these alternatives to unemployment and limited preparedness to the job market by offering vocational training combined with business development. With their motivated and strategic team, a simple idea and low costs, they are able to move fast in recruiting members, providing training and generating jobs.

This is precisely what I believe Tech Support Ghana can mean to youngsters in Tamale. In it’s slightly different approach and organizational structure, being another sustainable local alternative for job creation in Ghana.

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One thought on “Carrying things on your head is not the only way to sell!

  1. Richard Adarkwah says:

    Carrying things on head to sell is an attitude which has been implanted into most people in the African continent as a major way to trade….
    This concept started from the point of migration where due to large loads of luggage, they have to carry on their head so as to keep them moving ……

    The trending of this concept has been generally accepted since some years back and has now been a part of the people in the African continent as a way to trade…

    I believe it is about time we all bring a cooperate effort to eradicate this mindset which is growing rapidly within the African continent.

    A trial test: When you see a trader selling by carrying on the head, just try to watch her carefully and you would see how bad she want to quit that model of trading…….. Some people feel shy when they see you stare at them…

    Every person feels proud when people stare at business or offices why not “People carrying things on their head to Sell” ?

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